23 Best Restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina to Try Today (2024)

Charlotte is such a sweet Southern city.

So many people are moving here because they’ve fallen in love with it!

It’s also a great place for a weekend getaway.

Whether it’s a quick trip with the family, a girls’ weekend, or a romantic escape, Charlotte is a great destination!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 23 best restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Keep reading to learn where you should eat when you visit!

1. Haberdish

One of the best places to eat in Charlotte is Haberdish.

This Southern restaurant encompasses the heart of Southern cuisine!

They strive to keep North Charlotte’s history as a mill town alive.

And they do this by serving traditional dishes that would’ve been popular in the area in centuries past. 

While the dishes have historical significance, they’re also quite modern and unique!

Not only do they source their food locally from trusted farms, but they also source their interior locally.

As you look around the dining room, you’ll see furniture, decorations, and architecture that was sourced from the region.

2. Cajun Queen

Some of the best food in Charlotte will be found at the Cajun Queen.

If you enjoy Cajun food, you won’t want to miss this place!

Open since 1985, it’s become a Charlotte landmark that everybody adores.

Located in a 100-year-old restored house, complete with rooftop terraces, this restaurant will remind you of old-fashioned Louisiana.

Every day here feels like Mardi Gras!

They have daily specials and Cajun classics.

It’s as close as you can get to New Orleans cuisine without actually traveling there. And you’ll get to appreciate Southern hospitality at its best!

3. Rooster’s Wood-fired Kitchen

Rooster’s Wood-fired Kitchen is one of Charlotte’s best restaurants.

The Southern-style food has international influence, making it a bit unique from all the other Southern restaurants you’ve been to. 

They source their ingredients locally, which means everything is fresh and high quality!

Plus everything on the menu is homemade with love.

The interior is rustic and modern.

This inviting atmosphere is perfect for hanging out with your friends and catching up over cocktails.

Enjoy eating sophisticated food and be sure to save room for dessert!

4. Alexander Michael’s

Another one of the top restaurants in Charlotte is Alexander Michael’s.

This veteran-owned establishment is absolutely charming.

It’s adorable from the outside and then even cuter on the inside!

It’s been open since the 80s and is located in a house from the 19th century.

It has been influenced by traditional European pubs which makes for a really fun atmosphere!

They have traditional tavern food and pub grub. So you can choose from a variety of delicious foods!

They also have a pretty long beer list, including local brews. If you’d rather have wine, liquor, or a cocktail, they have that, too!

5. The Capital Grille

This fine dining restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Charlotte.

If you’d like to enjoy a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant, look no further than the Capital Grille.

They do have a basic dress code to ensure that the atmosphere remains classy.

However, you can wear more casual clothes in the lounge.

You will find only the highest quality ingredients at this restaurant.

Choose from a variety of sophisticated menu items.

And if you enjoy wine, you can find the perfect bottle here!

The sommelier has curated a list of 325 wines that will surely include your next favorite.

6. Sea Level NC

Sea Level NC serves seafood with Southern influence.

It’s the best of both worlds! 

The dining room is open and inviting.

The simple, yet classy, interior is perfect for a relaxing meal with friends or family.

Oyster happy hour makes it a great place to stop by after work!

They source their seafood locally and sustainably.

The owner has been striving to source as sustainably as possible and is still improving his system.

Their menu changes daily, however, you can always count on quality seafood.

They have sandwiches, tacos, soups, and more! You will love whatever you order.

7. 300 East

If you’re looking for sophisticated, yet casual, eat at 300 East.

The atmosphere is nice enough for a romantic date, but casual enough for drinks after work.

Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives, 300 East offers some of the highest quality food in the area.

Some of their menu items change seasonally. Their ingredients are always as fresh as possible.

And their food is usually picture-perfect. You’ll definitely want to snap a picture before you eat!

Their menu is full of delicious items.

You can even get brunch on the weekend! Try some of their specialty cocktails. And save room for dessert.

8. 131 MAIN Restaurant

As far as modern American restaurants go, 131 MAIN Restaurant is a great pick.

With cool decor and trendy food, this restaurant is a favorite among locals.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, this beautiful building always has the scent of a hickory wood fire grill.

If you sit outside, you can even enjoy the fire pit.

Their meals will make your mouth water.

Most of them feature high-quality meat which is complemented by the delicious side dishes.

They also pair well with some of the specialty martinis you can order here.

9. Mama Ricotta’s

Mama Ricotta’s is the perfect place to go when you’re craving Italian food.

They specialize in traditional Italian dishes and New Haven-style pizza.

This type of pizza isn’t as popular as other types, but you’ll want to try it if you haven’t.

They import many ingredients from Italy.

This makes the food as authentic as possible for a restaurant in the United States!

The produce is sourced locally from farmers in the area so you know they’re fresh.

The vibe here is much like your Italian mama’s house.

It’s a true family joint that serves family favorites!

10. Good Food on Montford

Good Food on Montford is a trendy restaurant with plenty of outdoor seating.

This restaurant has received a wide variety of awards from several different organizations.

They consistently provide a great experience for their guests.

They serve a variety of food that has been inspired by countries around the world. They strive for “taste without borders.”

No matter what you’re in the mood for, they probably have something that will satisfy your craving.

And it will be unique to the restaurant since they put their own twist on every dish they serve!

11. Angeline’s

Anyone looking for an excuse to dress up and get Italian food should take the opportunity to go to Angeline’s.

This sophisticated Italian restaurant has a beautiful ambiance that is perfect for celebrating special occasions or going on a romantic date.

They have a variety of traditional Italian dishes that will make your mouth water.

They use quality ingredients that they source locally when possible. This is how they ensure that everything they cook meets their high standards!

They even serve breakfast which makes this a great contender for brunch.

12. The Fig Tree Restaurant

Wine lovers unite at the Fig Tree Restaurant.

This charming restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating and a touch of historic influence.

It is located in a 1913 house that has actual fig trees on the premises.

While you sit here and enjoy a meal or glass of wine, you’ll marvel at the atmosphere.

The gorgeous decor and greenery are perfect for a slow weekend with the girls or a laid-back date.

Their sophisticated menu is full of dishes that will pair well with one of their wines.

Their wine list is nearly 30 pages long so you’ll find one you love!

13. Fin & Fino

Fin & Fino is a seafood restaurant with a wide variety.

With over 12 types of oysters, they have one of the biggest selections in Charlotte.

Their fish and shellfish are delivered daily so you can count on eating fresh food.

They source ingredients locally to ensure the highest quality in everything they cook.

Not only do they support local businesses, but they also support local charities.

When you spend money here, you know you’re helping the greater community.

Any explorers who visit may want to order “The Treatment.”

The waiter will pick a variety of foods for you to taste. It will be a delicious surprise!

14. Supperland

Located in an old church, Supperland is a cute country-chic establishment.

They can be described as “Southern Steakhouse meets Church Potluck.”

Since the building wasn’t designed as a restaurant, there are several fun places to relax when you visit.

Would you prefer an intimate bar setting, a speakeasy, an outdoor patio, the garden, the private wine room, or the main dining room?

Every time you visit, you can stay in a different room to experience a different atmosphere!

No matter where you sit, you’ll enjoy a classy meal.

They even offer brunch on the weekends! 

15. Beef ‘N Bottle Steakhouse

If you’re looking for a candlelit dinner at a traditional steakhouse, then visit Beef ‘N Bottle Steakhouse.

This elegant steakhouse is perfect for a special celebration or romantic date.

The old-fashioned environment is appealing to many locals who come back every time they have a reason to splurge on a meal!

This restaurant specializes in steak and seafood. However, they have a variety of other types of foods, as well.

They also have a quality beer list, wine list, and specialty cocktails.

Since they have a full bar, you can order any cocktail you’d like, even if it’s not listed!

16. Bistro La Bon

If you have a taste for global cuisine, try some of the food at Bistro La Bon.

This simple restaurant serves amazing food that was inspired by European countries.

They have daily specials, including a Sunday brunch buffet.

They also serve vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options!

Their eclectic menu has a little bit of everything.

Each menu item is a masterpiece in its own way.

And the chef prepares everything as perfectly as possible.

The locally sourced ingredients come together to create dishes that you’ll want to eat again and again!

17. Dandelion Market

Dandelion Market is a rustic restaurant that serves food worthy of being on a magazine cover!

Most of the menu items are foods that you don’t often find at restaurants.

However, you’ll wish you could eat these foods more often after you try them!

They also have a list of creative cocktails, including some spirit-free cocktails.

These drinks are a great way to amplify your meal!

The best part is the prices!

They’re quite reasonable for how sophisticated the dishes are.

This is an affordable place for an upscale meal.

18. Stagioni – Four Seasons of Food

Stagioni was inspired by a Charlotte icon, the Villa.

The Villa had been open since 1926 and was a popular place to enjoy food, wine, and community.

When Chef Bruce Moffett first experienced the Villa, he knew he wanted to open his own Italian restaurant.

This restaurant serves classic Italian dishes.

And everything on the menu is made with high-quality ingredients.

You can also count on the kitchen staff to prepare everything just right.

You’ll never have to worry about whether or not your food will be delicious at this restaurant!

19. Southern Pecan – Gulf Coast Kitchen

If you enjoy Gulf Coast cuisine, you’ll love the Southern Pecan.

Their beachy menu is full of upscale dishes you would find while vacationing on the Gulf Coast.

Their ambiance is quite relaxing.

This is because jazz and blues take over the dining room through artwork and music.

The menu is quite eclectic. Seafood, Southern food, Cajun food, and more can be found on the menu.

And everything is made to impress.

This means that you’ll be amazed when your waiter brings your food out.

And then you’ll be even more pleased as you start to eat it!

20. Lupie’s Cafe

Vintage lovers must visit Lupie’s Cafe.

The dining room looks like a vintage market because you can find most of the decor at flea markets and antique shops!

Even from the outside, you might think it’s a secondhand store at first glance.

They have several chili options if you’re in the mood for something warm.

Otherwise, you can get a sandwich, burger, salad, or even something else.

You might not expect to find wings and nachos on the menu, but they have them!

They also have a few desserts and Southern-style side dishes.

So you definitely won’t leave hungry!

21. Living Kitchen

If you follow a plant-based diet, you have to try Living Kitchen.

Everything on the menu is organic, plant-based, and locally sourced.

That’s how you know that this is one of the healthiest places to order food!

They have a wide variety of dishes on their menu.

Options range from breakfast to salad to burgers.

They have cuisine inspired by Japan, Mexico, Italy, and more!

To drink, you can get a smoothie, caffeinated beverage, or other popular drinks.

On Sundays, you can order from their delicious brunch menu.

They have a few mouthwatering desserts that change regularly. 

22. MOA Korean BBQ

With three locations in the region, MOA Korean BBQ is super popular among locals!

It mixes the street food flavors of Korean BBQ with the refined atmosphere of a classy restaurant.

This makes it a fun place to visit when you want to go somewhere a bit more sophisticated than usual.

Founded by Korean people, you know that this food is pretty authentic.

They’re bringing you the type of food they loved throughout their childhoods!

As you read the menu, you’ll see so many delicious options.

Know that whatever you order will be a great choice!

23. The Crunkleton

If you’re still wondering where to eat in Charlotte, try the Crunkleton.

This cocktail bar is still fairly new to the area but has quickly become a favorite among locals.

You need a membership to eat here, but you can pay $10 for a membership when you arrive for your meal.

Even with this extra step, people still love to visit!

In addition to a long list of specialty cocktails, the Crunkleton also serves popular bar food.

However, everything is a bit more upscale than what you would find at your local dive bar.

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