19 Best Restaurants in Toledo, Ohio to Try Today (2024)

Welcome to Toledo, Ohio – a city renowned for its rich history and cultural attractions.

Among the many reasons to visit Toledo, its exceptional dining scene stands out as a hidden gem!

In this guide, we’ll unveil the 19 best restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, offering you a taste of the city’s culinary delights.

From art and history enthusiasts to nature lovers, Toledo welcomes all to explore its diverse charms, and a delectable meal at one of these top restaurants is an essential part of the experience.

Join us on a culinary journey through Toledo, where fantastic food awaits to satisfy every palate and enhance your visit to the Glass City!

1. Schmucker’s Restaurant

One of the best places to eat in Toledo is definitely Schmucker’s Restaurant.

Since 1948, this family-owned gem has been serving up delicious homemade meals that evoke the warmth of Grandma’s kitchen. 

Housed in a nostalgic yellow brick building, Schmucker’s offers a comforting taste of home.

Stop in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and enjoy American diner classics like biscuits & gravy, fried chicken, meatloaf, and more!

The real star of the show, though, are their legendary pies – with over 20 delectable varieties, including the beloved Chocolate Peanut Butter.

This is a great place to grab a meal (or a slice of pie) before or after visiting the nearby Toledo Botanical Garden (which, by the way, is totally free to enter)!

2. San Marcos Taqueria

Some of the best food in Toledo comes from San Marcos Restaurant, and you can find it at three different locations in the city!

The most popular location is on Broadway Street, nestled in the back of a Mexican market, and is truly a hidden gem.

According to both locals and visitors alike, you’ll find the most authentic Mexican food in town at San Marcos!

From tamales, to tacos, to chimichangas and more, you’re sure to satisfy your cravings at this popular restaurant, and the aguas frescas or margaritas will quench your thirst in the best way.

The atmosphere is also top notch, with colorful murals on the walls and uniquely painted chairs – this is definitely a great place to bring the whole family!

3. Manhattan’s Pub ‘n Cheer

You’ll recognize Manhattan’s Pub ‘n Cheer right away when you spot the bold yellow entrance.

The exposed brick walls on the inside offer a warm and cozy environment for you to enjoy a hearty American meal.

Their buffet brunch keeps the bill simple with a set price per person, all while giving you a ton of delicious options to choose from!

But of course there’s also the standard menu, which has mouth-watering steaks, pub pizzas, classic sandwiches, and much more.

Dine after 7:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday to enjoy live music with your meal!

4. Ye Olde Durty Bird

Don’t be fooled by the name; there’s nothing filthy about Ye Olde Durty Bird in Toledo, Ohio!

This lively gastropub is located within a historic brick building in the heart of downtown.

The ambience is warm and fun, and is made even better on the nights when they have live music!

But of course, the real star of the show is the food and drink menu!

With innovative entrees like the Durty Burger (featuring their signature “Durty Sauce”), Durty Chili Mac (Mac ‘n Cheese topped with chili? Yes, please!), and a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options, you’ll want to come back several times to get your fill of this place!

Not feeling the beef? Substitute almost any burger to make it a chicken sandwich instead.

They aren’t called Ye Olde Durty Bird for nothing; these people know their chicken!

And of course, there are the cocktails, beers, wines, and other beverages to keep your thirst quenched!

5. The Chop House

In the mood for a juicy steak?

The Chop House in Toledo is a prime dining experience that is ready to pamper you.

This local steakhouse has only four locations in the world, and this is the only one in Ohio!

You’ll be salivating over the delicious cuts of prime beef – or, if you prefer, there’s also fresh fish, chicken, pork chops, and more!

Pair your exquisite dinner with a glass of the finest wine, and of course you’ll want to leave room for the utterly sinful desserts they have on offer.

6. Sidon Lebanese Grille & Bakery

Authentic Lebanese cuisine awaits at Toledo’s Sidon Lebanese Grille & Bakery!

If you find yourself hungry for some shawarma or kabobs while you’re in Toledo, this is the place to go.

Located right next to the Middle East Market, a Mediterranean grocery store, you’ll find friendly service and mouth-watering meals at this popular lunch and dinner spot!

Start with a plate of grape leaves, an olive medley, or some refreshing cucumber yogurt, then move on to the entrees – good luck settling on just one!

From meaty kabobs, to pita sandwiches, to Lebanese-style pizzas and more, you’ll be satisfyingly full by the time you’re finished. 

7. Fowl & Fodder

Not sure where to eat in Toledo, OH for brunch?

Check out Fowl & Fodder on a Saturday or Sunday to enjoy their exquisite brunch service!

Of course, they’re also open for breakfast and lunch throughout the week (except Mondays), so don’t feel restricted to weekend brunch.

Freshly prepared comfort food is the name of the game at this cozy-yet-modern spot, with delicious dishes like chicken and waffles, French toast, burgers, and more.

Note: If you’re dining with more than four people, it’s requested that you make a reservation.

8. Focaccia’s

Another great place for brunch in Toledo is Focaccia’s!

Available Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll need a few minutes to look over their extensive brunch menu – there are so many great options to choose from!

During the rest of the week, they serve up fresh breakfasts and lunches, from omelets and bagels, to salads and sandwiches, to burgers, gyros, fish, and more!

Nestled in with the skyscrapers downtown, this is a great place to drop in for a meal after a walk around Promenade Park, a bit of shopping, or a weekend visit to the nearby Toledo History Museum.

9. Real Seafood Company

One of the best restaurants in Toledo, Ohio for seafood lovers is the Real Seafood Company!

This contemporary seafood restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner, and serves up the freshest fish and other aquatic delicacies sourced straight from New England’s waters, as well as from the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

Located right along the waterfront with views of Maumee River, this is the obvious choice for anyone looking for an upscale dining experience in Toledo.

Start with an appetizer – you’ll be delighted by the crispy fried Brussels sprouts, and the Chilean sea bass makes for an exquisite entree.

Whatever you order, you can rest assured that it will be prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients!

10. Maumee Bay Brewing Company

A brewpub in a historic building serving up some of the best burgers in Toledo?

It’s gotta be Maumee Bay Brewing Company!

Located within the historic (and possibly haunted!) Oliver House, the brick walls and warm wood throughout the brewpub’s interior creates a cozy ambience perfect for all ages.

You’ve gotta try their PB&J burger, which is topped with cream cheese, cherrywood smoked bacon, and, of course, peanut butter and jelly.

It’s a unique flavor profile, to be sure, but reviewers rave about it and it’s one of those things you’ll wanna tell your friends you’ve tried!

11. Original Sub Shop & Deli

Need a refreshing yet filling lunch?

Head over to the Original Sub Shop & Deli, the oldest of its kind in Toledo.

In business since 1979, they’ve got over 40 years of experience in serving up the freshest sandwiches in the city!

Dine in and enjoy the funky decor and indoor plants, or take a sandwich and a side of potato or macaroni salad to go and have a picnic in the nearby Children’s Park, or the riverside Middlegrounds Metropark!

There are several murals on the block – be sure to take a photo of the Frida Kahlo mural on the side of the sub shop itself!

12. Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar

One of the best restaurants in Toledo, Ohio’s downtown Warehouse District is Souk Mediterranean Kitchen & Bar!

With its chic ambiance and an ever-evolving menu inspired by regional Mediterranean flavors, Souk invites you to savor a delightful fusion of dishes crafted with care and precision.

Whether you’re dining for brunch, lunch, or dinner, their seasonal menus take you on a journey through the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean.

To complement your meal, the bar serves an enticing selection of cocktails and wines.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dine at one of Toledo’s best restaurants, where exceptional food and inviting atmosphere harmonize for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

13. Kengo Sushi & Yakitori

They’re serving up some of the best sushi in Toledo at Kengo Sushi & Yakitori!

You’re in for a treat when you dine at this hip downtown establishment.

Explore their menu filled with mouth-watering sushi, delectable yakitori skewers, and a selection of sake, wine, cocktails, and other delightful refreshments.

Nestled within a charming downtown brick building, this popular fine dining spot has limited seating, operating on a first-come, first-served basis.

Be sure to plan your day accordingly so you can savor every bite of this unforgettable experience!

14. Doc Watson’s

Nestled in a modest shopping center, you might pass right by Doc Watson’s without noticing it if you didn’t know any better.

Don’t make that mistake!

This sports bar is a Toledo hidden gem, known for its tasty food, friendly service, and overall warm atmosphere. 

With black and white checkered tile at the bar and hardwood flooring throughout the rest of the space, you’ll feel cozy and a bit nostalgic as you sit and enjoy some classic American fare.

They’ve got a good selection of craft beer, some great breakfast options, and the best grilled cheese sandwiches you’ll ever eat.

Named for local physician Dr. Charles W. Watson, this family establishment was opened in 1995 in his memory, and it’s clear that the love poured into this space is what makes it so special to locals and visitors alike.

15. Green Lantern

One of Toledo’s best restaurants for families is the Green Lantern, a classic American diner that’s been in business since 1927!

If the name rings a bell, you’re sure to recognize the mural on the side of the building, featuring the popular DC superhero.

But as fun as superheroes are, the real joy is in the delicious small-town-diner food they serve inside!

Open for breakfast and lunch, everyone in your party is sure to find something they’ll be eager to chow down.

From sweet pancakes, to biscuits and gravy, to eggs and sausage, to hearty burgers, hot dogs, and more, this place serves up some of the best diner food in the area – and at a very affordable price!

Try their signature “Goopie” – a sausage sandwich with all the classic burger toppings!

16. Poco Loco

Another great family restaurant in Toledo is Poco Loco, where you’ll find some of the best food in town!

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot the giant frog atop their awning, setting the tone for the casual, friendly atmosphere that awaits.

Offering a delicious blend of both Mexican and Cuban cuisines, Poco Loco is adored by locals and visitors alike.

Try their mouth-watering Cuban sandwich, fajitas, tostones, or tamales.

Vegan or gluten-free? You’ll find something delicious to enjoy, too!

The bar serves up some of the best margaritas in town, and you’ll have to keep yourself from filling up on their addictive chips and salsa before your meal arrives!

17. Star of India

Looking for the best restaurants in Toledo, Ohio that serve curry?

Look no further than Star of India!

This authentic Indian restaurant is full of flavor, friendly service, and customizable plates.

They make it easy for you to control how spicy your meal is (or isn’t), or order with a specific diet in mind – there are plenty of delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available!

The classic 1950s-style diner that houses this local gem gives it a unique blend of American and Indian atmosphere, and their desserts are to die for, so be sure to leave enough room at the end of your meal!

18. Whiskey & The Wolf

Some of the best dining atmosphere in Toledo is found at Whiskey & The Wolf!

With its deep blue walls and warm lighting, it’s a cozy place to grab a drink and a meal with friends.

And, of course, there’s the food itself!

Try one of their mouth-watering slow roasted prime beef sandwiches, or dig in to a plate of wings or chicken tenders.

Impossible™ brand burgers are available for those looking for vegan and vegetarian dining options in Toledo, and the DBLT (that is, Double BLT) will satisfy any bacon enthusiasts!

The bar will keep your thirst at bay, with craft beer, cocktails, wine and more.

Don’t forget to try their delicious Banana Foster for dessert!

19. Mama’s Kitchen

One of the best restaurants in Toledo, Ohio to find good ol’ fashioned comfort food is Mama’s Kitchen.

Founded on the principles of friendliness and care, Mama’s is where you’ll experience the true essence of a family environment.

This charming eatery takes pride in offering great-tasting food that’s all homemade and cooked to order.

Breakfast is their specialty, but they’re open ‘til 3:00 PM and also have great lunch options, like delicious roast beef, in addition to the usual breakfast fare, like their popular omelets!

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