19 Best Restaurants in Allentown, Pennsylvania to Try Today

Located a bit outside Philadelphia, Allentown is a pretty great place to visit.

If you decide to pay Allentown a visit, you’ll need to know where to eat!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 19 best restaurants in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

After reading this list, you’ll have a menu planned for your visit!

1. Youell’s Oyster House

Photo credit: Youell’s Oyster House Facebook page

Youell’s Oyster House is one of the top restaurants in Allentown.

They’ve received several awards over the years for their seafood. 

They have a pretty simple menu so you won’t be overwhelmed by choices.

However, they do have a bit of a variety, as well.

Visit during happy hour to try some of their best drinks and bites for a great price!

2. Union & Finch

Photo credit: Union & Finch Facebook page

For the best food in Allentown, try Union & Finch.

This sleek and modern bistro is a great place to eat delicious food.

Everything on the menu is elevated to the next level.

Eating here will give you a new appreciation for the culinary arts.

They have a wide range of menu items, but nothing is too typical.

You can get poutine, beet salad, curry salmon, or chicken and waffles.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, they probably have it!

3. The Shelby

Photo credit: The Shelby Facebook page

One of Allentown’s best restaurants is definitely the Shelby.

The culinary team here works very hard on every new creation they bring to the menu.

They use the best ingredients and don’t take any shortcuts.

You can always expect to eat food of the highest quality here.

The open and inviting atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome.

And your mouth will water as you see the food come out of the kitchen.

Their menu includes foods like Malanga chip nachos, paella del mar, veal ragu, and pizza.

The unique and innovative menu items keep guests coming back for more!

4. Henry’s Salt of the Sea

Photo credit: Henry’s Salt of the Sea Facebook page

Henry’s Salt of the Sea is one of the best places to eat in Allentown.

If you enjoy fresh seafood, you’ll be glad you ate here.

The menu is French-inspired and includes soups, appetizers, seafood specials, and combination entrees.

Each entree comes with a salad, a potato, and a vegetable.

Their menu items rotate and they do have seasonal dishes.

And the staff is very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you may have.

5. Wert’s Cafe

Photo credit: Wert’s Cafe Facebook page

One of the best restaurants in Allentown is Wert’s Cafe.

They’ve been known for their burgers and onion rings for over 50 years.

While they have about 20 burgers to choose from, they serve plenty of other foods, as well.

Most of their menu consists of diner-style foods that patrons have enjoyed for decades.

People love the nostalgia found at Wert’s Cafe.

Well, and their burgers!

6. Cali Burrito

Photo credit: Cali Burrito Facebook page

If you want to build your own burrito somewhere besides a major chain restaurant, check out Cali Burrito.

They also have specialty burritos, tacos, or quesadillas.

That’s great if you don’t want to put forth the effort to choose your own ingredients!

They have a special burrito each week that you can try out.

Their salsa also changes weekly so you can have a different fresh homemade salsa each time you visit!

They also have a different queso and soup of the day.

Since they’re always mixing it up you can always try something new.

7. Winston’s Jamaican Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for Jamaican food, look no further than Winston’s Jamaican Restaurant.

This restaurant is a great option for carryout, but they do have indoor dining, as well.

They have a fairly limited menu because they stick to the basics.

And whether you order fish, curry, or oxtail, it will be authentic.

This is the closest you can get to Jamaica without leaving the States.

8. Morgan’s

Photo credit: Morgan’s Facebook page

Morgan’s has been an Allentown staple for years.

They’re open for three meals a day so you can always stop by and grab something to eat.

They serve a little bit of everything.

They do have seasonal specials that change regularly so you can always try something new.

These dishes are usually some of the most creative you can choose.

9. Sumo Sushi and Japanese Fusion

Photo credit: Sumo Sushi Facebook page

At Sumo Sushi and Japanese Fusion, they believe everyone should love sushi.

So they provide enough types of sushi that anyone can find something they will like!

There are so many sushi rolls that you’ll have to come back several times to try them all.

They also serve hibachi and popular Japanese fusion dishes.

This is a great place to get your Japanese food fix!

10. La Parada Del Sabor

Photo credit: La Parada Del Sabor Facebook page

Dominican food isn’t always easy to find in the States.

Fortunately, La Parada Del Sabor has got you covered if you’re in Allentown! 

This little restaurant has some indoor dining space, but it’s a great option for takeout.

The authentic food makes for a hearty meal.

Not only will your taste buds be happy, but your tummy will be full!

And you don’t have to overpay, either.

11. Aladdin

Photo credit: Aladdin Facebook page

Open since 1981, Aladdin is the best place to get Middle Eastern cuisine.

It’s some of the most authentic food you’ll find since the owners moved to Pennsylvania from Syria.

They strive to share their culture through this restaurant!

Everything here is fresh and homemade.

The hummus and babaganoush are made in-house daily.

They only use homemade dough and roll their grape leaves by hand. 

12. The Crust Pizzeria And Restaurant

Photo credit: The Crust Pizzeria and Restaurant Facebook page

The Crust Pizzeria And Restaurant is a simple little pizzeria that serves Italian food of all kinds.

They’re especially known for their pizza, though. The thin crust is a crowd favorite!

With over 20 specialty pizzas, you can definitely find something that you will enjoy!

Maybe you want the Philly Dilly Pickle Pizza, the German Pizza, or the Loaded Potato Pizza.

No matter what you get, it will be delicious!

13. Cumin N Eat

Photo credit: Cumin N Eat Facebook page

If you could really go for some Indian food, check out Cumin N Eat.

It’s a great option for takeout and eating in.

The dining room is small and cozy, but it’s often lively as so many people enjoy dining in!

They have several vegetarian options on their menu.

And you can tweak many foods to meet your criteria!

For instance, you can pick your main food and then your cooking style.

The menu explains the different popular Indian cooking styles so that you can choose the one that sounds best to you!

14. Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill

Photo credit: Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill Facebook page

Lazeez Fresh Mediterranean Grill cooks all their food from scratch and never uses preservatives.

This means that everything on the menu will come out of the kitchen super fresh!

Order a hot wrap, salad, or bowl.

Add a side dish for some variety!

They also have desserts if you’re in the mood for one. Try their baklawa, mamoul, or namoora. 

No matter what you order, it will be fresh, authentic, and homemade! 

15. Delicioso Pizza & Subs

For classic Italian bites, visit Delicioso Pizza & Subs.

They have strombolis, subs, and calzones.

You can order a Neopolitan pizza or one of their specialty pizza creations. They even have gyros, salads, and more. 

They’ve been open since 1993 and have consistently provided great food and service to the people of Allentown.

Anyone who finds themselves craving classic Italian grub will be happy after they try a meal here!

16. La Placita

If you love Mexican grocery stores and Mexican restaurants, visit La Placita because it’s both!

They have a pretty simple menu, as it’s a pretty simple business.

They have both English and Spanish menus to make it easy for people to order in either language.

The food is absolutely authentic and is reminiscent of Mexican street food.

If the food makes you want to eat even more Mexican goodness, then get something from the store on your way out!

17. Slice of Italy

Photo credit: Slice of Italy Facebook page

Slice of Italy is another popular Italian restaurant in Allentown. 

They’re especially known for their pizza, but they do sell a variety of other foods you usually find at a pizzeria. 

With over 20 gourmet pizzas to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

They also have gluten-free crust options, as well.

You can order a breakfast pizza, an eggplant parm pizza, or the grandma pizza. And all of these are tasty options!

18. Aci Halal Meat & Turkish Restaurant

If you want to try Turkish food, then you should visit Aci Halal Meat & Turkish Restaurant.

This is a great place to eat Turkish food, whether you’ve had it before or just want to try something new!

This family-run business has a cozy little dining room that welcomes everyone!

The restaurant also has a little shop with it so you can pick up some Turkish staples before you leave.

19. Mama’s Famous Pizza and Grill

If you’re still not sure where to eat in Allentown, Mama’s Famous Pizza and Grill is a good bet. 

With five Pennsylvania locations, you know it’s a local favorite! 

They have daily specials so there’s always a good deal waiting for you.

They have a wide variety of appetizers, such as pierogies, buffalo tenders, and jalapeno poppers.

They also have so many types of sandwiches! 

They serve both Neapolitan and Sicilian-style pizzas.

They also have over 20 specialty pizzas which means you’ll be able to find something that appeals to you!

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