17 Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Pittsburgh

The Steel City grew to prominence as a bastion of American industrialization, flourishing as the country grew into an economic superpower.

Today, it has become a bustling modern city, the jewel of the Rust Belt that offers great access to nature, high-quality entertainment, and increasingly some of the finest eating and drinking establishments in the area. 

The best rooftop restaurants in Pittsburgh are serving up a huge variety of culinary opportunities, combining the best food in the city with the best views out over glistening skyscrapers and the famous bridges that arc over the city’s rivers as they stretch out to the horizon. 

Whether you’re looking to sample some of the state’s flourishing craft beer scene or taste the area’s best produce at a farm-to-table restaurant, here, we’ll run through some of the best spots to head to.  

1. Il Tetto 

Il Tetto 
Photo credit: Il Tetto Facebook Page

This downtown Pittsburgh rooftop restaurant is an Italian gem nestled up on the top floor of the three-story Sienna Mercato.

It serves up Mediterranean-style small plates and authentic Italian pizza in its trendy rooftop beer garden space, with the open sky mingling with the towering skyscrapers above you. 

Graffitied walls, high seat-style seating, and exposed brick give a cool edge to the place but there is substance beneath the style, the delicious menu backed up by some well-thought-out craft cocktails, all coming together to guarantee a good time under the Pittsburgh sun. 

2. Monterey Bay Fish Grotto

Monterey Bay Fish Grotto
Photo credit: Monterey Bay Fish Grotto Facebook Page

You’re spoilt for choice when looking for Pittsburgh restaurants with a view, but not many can compare to the panoramic vistas and gourmet dining experience of Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. 

It’s the city’s go-to seafood destination and diners can enjoy the freshest fish Pittsburgh has to offer with 360-degree views of the skyline.

The building is perched on top of Mt. Washington and is entirely comprised of floor-to-ceiling glass windows, giving every diner unparalleled viewing of the city. 

The perfect place for a special occasion, book a table around sunset and enjoy some of the best food in the city as the sky turns from clear blue to hazy orange and the lights flicker into life in the city below you.

3. Cinderlands Warehouse 

Cinderlands Warehouse 
Photo credit: Cinderlands Warehouse Facebook Page

You’ll find this brewery-kitchen mix down in the hip surroundings of the city’s Strip District, one of the best parts of town to head to if you’re looking to see what is happening at the cutting edge of the city’s food and drink scene. 

It’s an enormous space where you can see the brewery itself and take your pick of multiple indoor and outdoor spaces.

Head up to the second-floor terrace for views out over the district and enjoy some elevated pub classics and a rotating roster of beers that have been brewed right beneath your feet. 

4. Square Café 

Square Café 
Photo credit: Square Café Facebook Page

Head along to Square café for well-thought-out breakfast and brunch options that champion locally grown, seasonal ingredients.

It’s not as glitzy as some of the best rooftop restaurants Pittsburgh has to offer but what it does do, it does perfectly. 

Think innovative takes on brunch items like a Brussel Sprout Hash, Lemon-Berry Ricotta Pancakes, and a Creamy Maple Cold Brew.

With a wide selection of veggie and vegan options, their patio is the fresh, colorful place to kick off your day under the open sky. 

5. Level 7 

Level 7 
Photo credit: Level 7  Facebook Page

A slick, modern space that you’ll find perched on top of the AC Hotel, Level 7 is one of the city’s best spots to indulge in some European-inspired sophistication.

It’s a stylish space where you can treat yourself to some tapas-style dining and a brilliantly curated selection of drinks, whether it’s cocktails cooked up with ingredients from premium independent distillers, local craft beers, or one of the city’s most extensive wine lists. 

Nestled in the heart of downtown, its outside space is the place to be to get a seat around sunset and watch the bright blue glass of the buildings’ exteriors turn every shade of fire as they reflect the setting sun. 

6. PA Market

PA Market
Photo credit: PA Market Facebook Page

If you’re not quite sure exactly what you want to eat, but know you want it to be delicious, head to the Pennsylvania Market to sample from the multiple different food vendors that are there. 

Take your pick of charcuterie, seafood, tapas-style bites, or just head straight to the wine bar, and then enjoy your selection out on the veranda and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Strip District running on below you. 

7. Coughlin’s Law Kitchen & Ale House 

Coughlin’s Law Kitchen & Ale House 
Photo credit: Coughlin’s Law Kitchen & Ale House Facebook Page

Over recent years, the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh has gone from strength to strength, breweries blossoming around the area and their delicious beers finding homes in pubs and bars that have become staples of the food and drink scene here. 

Coughlin’s is a classic example of this, an independent establishment that has 43 rotating taps on at all times, offering you a comprehensive view of the best beers being produced in the area. 

Come along, grab a seat on their covered patio, and work your way through (some) of the list, enjoying wide-panoramic views of the city stretching away into the distance. 

8. Duke’s Upper Deck Café 

Duke’s Upper Deck Café 
Photo credit: Duke’s Upper Deck Café  Facebook Page

Located a little out of the center of town, this hidden gem is a true locals’ bar that feels purely Pittsburgh.

The heart of the place is its impressive array of 48 local craft beers on draft, a testament to the recent brewery boom in the area. 

The top deck patio area is wide and spacious and its out-of-center location means that you are treated to wide, panoramic skies that stretch out to every part of the horizon as you eat classic pub grub staples and work your way through one of the city’s most impressive beer selections. 

9. Roland’s Seafood Grill 

Roland’s Seafood Grill 
Photo credit: Roland’s Seafood Grill  Facebook Page

A fixture of the Strip District, Roland’s is a family-owned restaurant that is a classic of the Pittsburgh seafood scene.

Their terrace looks out directly over the strip and out to the city beyond, the perfect place to grab a table and do some people-watching on a summer’s day. 

Whether it’s a rich chowder or the fresh-sea hit of delicious oysters, their huge range of offerings means there’s something for everybody here, and you can wash it all down with craft cocktails and an extensive beer and wine selection. 

10. Local Bar + Kitchen

Local Bar + Kitchen
Photo credit: Local Bar + Kitchen Facebook Page

A staple of the South Side, this relaxed bar and eating space is the place to head to sample some of the city’s best craft beers with good friends, catch the game or enjoy a boozy weekend brunch.

The menu plays the hits, with the pub classics everybody’s looking for after a few pints of the city’s best’s – great wings, hearty sandwiches, and delicious brunch options to start your day off right (the chicken and thyme butter waffles are particularly good). 

The heated rooftop patio means you can keep the fun going regardless of the temperamental Pittsburgh weather, reinforcing Local Bar’s reputation as one of the go-to Pittsburgh rooftop bars whenever you’re in this part of town.

11. Round Corner Cantina 

Round Corner Cantina 
Photo credit: Round Corner Cantina Facebook Page

With a charming wood-paneled and plant-decked patio, this is one of the cutest go-to spots in the summer to enjoy some Pittsburgh sunshine.

The menu is packed full of Mexican flavor and the drinks list sings the songs of Jalisco and Oaxaca with an extensive selection of the best mezcals and tequilas you’ll find in the city.

It’s the perfect place for when the weather’s good, with fresh flavor and color everywhere.  

12. New Amsterdam 

New Amsterdam 
Photo credit: New Amsterdam Facebook Page

New Amsterdam has managed to achieve the impressive task of being one of the hippest, newest joints in the city while still feeling like it’s an organic, natural part of Pittsburgh.

Its industrial style feels authentic, its beers are some of the finest that are being produced in the area, and its menu balances between hearty Pittsburgh-style sandwiches and more hip modern options. 

It’s all come together to create a vibrant mix and one of the best places in the city to head to for great food, great beers, and an all-around good time.

Downstairs in a bustling space all year round, but the recently added rooftop patio is electric in the summer, a chilled-out drinking spot by day and one of the best parties in town by night. 

13. Carson City Saloon

Carson City Saloon
Photo credit: Carson City Saloon Facebook Page

It’s never going to win any awards as one of the premier Pittsburgh rooftop restaurants, but that’s not why people head on down to this thriving sports bar.

You can eat your fill of classic pub dishes, but it’s the vibrant atmosphere that sets it apart, with a solid drinks menu and a rooftop terrace that shows all the sports a heart could wish for. 

When the weekend comes and the game is on, there are very few places in the city you and your friends would rather be. 

14. Spirits & Tales 

Spirits & Tales 
Photo credit: Spirits & Tales  Facebook Page

Increasingly recognized as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Pittsburgh, Spirits & Tales is styled on a classic French brasserie and serves up a menu that champions locally sourced ingredients, preparing them in ways that marry classic recipes with boldly contemporary style. 

Its outside seating space looks out over a historic part of the city, letting you watch over some of Pittsburgh’s most famous architecture while sampling your choice of specialty cocktails, premium wines, and a carefully curated list of the city’s best craft beers. 

15. Over Eden 

Over Eden 
Photo credit: Over Eden Facebook Page

With beautiful views of the Strip District and Downtown and a stylishly arranged terrace full of color and plants, you can see why they call it Over Eden. 

The bar features a mixologist-inspired selection of specialty cocktails that make perfect daytime drinking here as views stretch out to the green hills and skyscrapers of the Pittsburgh skyline.

With a modern menu that puts its emphasis on quality produce and fresh, vibrant flavors, it’s one of the best spots in the city to while away a summer afternoon.

16. Eliza Hot Metal Bistro 

Eliza Hot Metal Bistro 
Photo credit: Eliza Hot Metal Bistro Facebook Page

Found on the sixth floor, the outside terrace here is a place of modern industrial style and strong, bold flavors.

Patrons are treated to brilliant views over the Monongahela River and the skyscrapers of the Pittsburgh skyline as they sample a menu that has ethical food production at its core and serves throughout the day. 

It prides itself on being ‘100% Pittsburgh’ and here you’ll find a menu that is built around pub classics, with some of the best wings and burgers you’ll find in the city.

The terrace comes to life in the summer when there is regular live music, reinforcing its status as one of Pittsburgh’s best rooftop restaurants if you’re looking for a lively, modern atmosphere to go with your dinner. 

17. Mario’s East Side Saloon

Mario’s East Side Saloon
Photo credit: Mario’s East Side Saloon Facebook Page

Maybe the most chilled-out rooftop Pittsburgh has to offer, Mario’s East Side Saloon is a casual neighborhood hang-out place that’s primed for people looking for nothing more than good drinks, a laid-back feel, and a wide-open patio under the Pittsburgh sky. 

Heaters keep it cozy all year round while the huge amount of TVs means it’s a go-to on game day.

And if there are no games on, every Tuesday night the TVs are repurposed for outdoor movie nights. 

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