11 Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Asheville

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a place of gorgeous views, a flourishing arts scene, and a burgeoning culinary culture.

And there’s no better place to enjoy these parts of what makes the city great than by heading up to one of the rooftop spots that have popped up around the city’s skyline in recent years. 

Whether you want to enjoy your food looking out over mountains growing green in the distance or prefer the mingling of city lights flickering to life in the dusk, the best rooftop restaurants in Asheville offer something for everybody, and here we’ll run through 11 of the best the city has to offer. 

1. Hemingway’s Cuba 

Hemingway’s Cuba
Photo credit: Hemingway’s Cuba Facebook Page

Recognized as one of Asheville’s best rooftop restaurants, Hemingway’s is the city’s go-to spot to get your Cuban fix.

The menu is all fresh flavor – think pulpo, paell, and the fresh lime hit of an authentic daiquiri – the perfect palate to enjoy under some North Carolina sunshine.

And there is sunshine aplenty available on the wide open patio space that looks out over the city until you can see the Blue Ridge mountains growing in the distance. 

2. Capella on 9 

Capella on 9
Photo credit: Capella on 9 Facebook Page

Head on up to the ninth floor of the AC Hotel for one of the very finest Asheville rooftop restaurants, a smorgasbord of tapas-style dishes, and gorgeous views, all washed down with some of the best signature cocktails in town. 

Although the menu is consciously European-style, the ingredients it is made up of are proudly local, a celebration of the lush landscape that you can look out over while nibbling, chatting, sipping, and soaking in the ambiance of this slick, stylish place. 

3. Social Lounge 

Social Lounge 
Photo credit: Social Lounge Facebook Page

Social Lounge has built its reputation on serving up some of the best cocktails in the city and there seasonal, local ingredient-inspired menu is a genuine delight, the perfect selection of drinks to be sipping at while looking out over one of the finest skyline views in the city. 

And we’ve got to say, the food’s pretty tasty as well.

Open throughout the day, their brunch is the perfect start to the weekend and their evening menu has a good range of vegan and vegetarian options to make sure everybody can enjoy. 

And even better, Social Lounge is right next to Capella on 9, perfect if you want to pack two of the best rooftop restaurants in Asheville into one heady afternoon. 

4. The Great Hall Bar, Edison 

The Great Hall Bar, Edison 
Photo credit: The Great Hall Bar Facebook Page

Now, this is not technically a rooftop but more of an elevated, outdoor dining space, but the views and quality of food and drink on offer here at this luxury hotel just outside of town mean that if you’re recommending Asheville restaurants with a view, it’s got to be here.  

You can find it in the lush surrounds of North Asheville and there are three separate dining/drinking spaces to choose from here, whether it’s the luxurious fine dining of the Sunset Terrace, the more relaxed Great Hall bar, or the slightly more wallet-friendly Edison. 

Each enjoys serene views over Downtown and up to Mount Pisgah and a table here around sundown is an unmissable dining experience – the best food and best view in town, all for you. 

5. Antidote

Photo credit: Antidote Facebook Page

The brewing and distilling scene in Asheville has been going from strength to strength over the past few years, and Antidote is one of the best places to sample some of the finest spirits to come out of the Carolinas. 

It has a chic, turn-of-the-century look and serves up a delicious array of cocktails that have Asheville spirits front and center.

It’s owned by Chemist Spirits and their gin and whiskey make up the foundation of some of the most inventive craft cocktails you’ll find in town, alongside the very best of the local craft beer and wine scenes. 

6. Vue 1913 

Vue 1913 
Photo credit: Vue 1913  Facebook Page

Of all the rooftop restaurants Asheville has to offer, few match the feeling of true decadence and pleasure that Vue does.

It’s a sumptuous space set a little outside of town that is in an upmarket brasserie style.

The lighting is low, the walls wood-paneled and the mountain views that span out everywhere around you are breathtaking. 

It’s the place to go if you want to enjoy a sunset on a special occasion, with a menu that boasts Lobster Conchiglie, Wagyu Tartare, and Southern Fried Quail.

If you want to enjoy your views with some of the best food you’ll find in Asheville, it’s the place to be. 

7. Pillar Rooftop Bar

Pillar Rooftop Bar
Photo credit: Pillar Rooftop Bar Facebook Page

Nestled down at the eastern edge of Downtown and high up at the peak of the Hilton Garden Inn you can find the Pillar Rooftop Bar.

It’s a chilled place that puts ambiance first, with a more relaxed feel than some of the busier Asheville rooftop bars. 

It’s all about the cocktails here, with a curated list that put fresh, fruity flavors front and center while making sure they’re not just packed full of sugar.

The food is a mix of Southern-inspired small plates and bites, there to snack on while you kick back, cocktail in hand, and enjoy the mountain-facing views. 

8. W XYZ Bar

Photo credit: W XYZ Bar Facebook Page

Maybe the sleekest, most action-packed rooftop Asheville has to offer, this trendy spot is a perfect blend of pool and party-focused action, all surrounded by some serene mountain views. 

It was renovated in 2020 and is now all stylish modern furniture, wide windows, and premium facilities.

Of course, the main draw is the rooftop pool and bar.

Throughout summer you can buy day passes to head up and enjoy some of the best views in Asheville with great music and better drinks.

It’s a unique place, and one of the best joints in town to head to on a sunny weekend. 

9. The Montford Rooftop Bar 

The Montford Rooftop Bar
Photo credit: The Montford Rooftop Bar Facebook Page

Of all the Asheville bars with a view, not many can compete with the Montford’s outrageous panoramic vistas.

Right below you, there is the rich history of the Montford area that turns to green foliage as you look further before it climbs up into foothills that swell, gradually into the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance. 

It’s a spectacular place to enjoy seasonally-inspired cocktails and a menu of small plates that are built around local ingredients, all while looking out to the wide, tree-lined horizon. 

10. Top of the Monk

Top of the Monk
Photo credit: Top of the Monk Facebook Page

Another testament to the strength of the city’s craft distillery culture, this stylish, old-school bar is an outpost of Thirsty Monk Brewery and champions its spirits among a range of classic and rotating craft cocktails. 

Their whiskey selection is one of the most extensive in the city and the staff are fantastically trained to recommend and cook up perfect cocktails for your palate. 

While it’s not the biggest in town, the rooftop patio is the perfect chilled place to sample the city’s spirits when the sunshine comes out. 

11. Highland Brewing Company

Highland Brewing Company
Photo credit: Highland Brewing Company Facebook Page

As you’ve probably realized by now, the downtown Asheville rooftop restaurant scene is thriving, but there are some great venues a little further out of town as well, and Highland Brewing is one of the best. 

It’s the site of one of the first craft breweries in the city and their taproom is a delight, a place of genuinely excellent beers and even better views, with panoramic vistas that are pure leaf green. 

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