19 Best Restaurants in Marietta, Georgia to Try Today

Marietta is one of the best places to live in Georgia.

It’s also a great place to visit!

You’re close enough that you can explore Atlanta, but far enough that you can avoid the crowds. 

This nice city is quaint and historic.

You can easily spend a week relaxing on vacation in Marietta.

Whether you’re thinking about moving there or just taking a trip, you need to make a restaurant itinerary.

There are so many cute and delicious restaurants to choose from!

We’ve narrowed it down to the 19 best restaurants in Marietta, Georgia.

You can’t go wrong with any of these restaurants.

1. Marietta Diner

Photo credit: Marietta Diner Facebook page

With over 17,000 reviews on Google, you must add the Marietta Diner to your foodie bucket list!

It’s been an extremely popular dining attraction ever since it was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

This classic diner is open 24/7 so you can go whenever you get a craving. They have a huge menu.

This makes it great for meeting friends and family for a meal. Everyone will find something they like!

This diner gets such great reviews, that you might want to visit more than once.

It would take a year to eat through the whole menu, but most people agree that all the food is delicious!

2. Douceur De France

Photo credit: Douceur De France Facebook page

If you love French cuisine, but can’t get any closer than Georgia, you’ll love this restaurant!

Douceur De France brings authentic French flavors to a cute little restaurant in Marietta.

This restaurant uses quality ingredients to make delicious dishes.

You can trust that they use organic, natural, and local ingredients when possible.

This restaurant serves popular French delicacies, as well as a few less popular dishes.

You can even find some creative recipes that you’ve probably never heard of.

No matter what you order, count on it being a quality meal!

Another great thing about this restaurant is the drink options.

You can get a coffee drink, wine, soda, or a well-crafted cocktail.

3. Stockyard Burgers and Bones

Photo credit: Stockyard Burgers and Bones Facebook page

Meat lovers must grab a bite to eat at Stockyard Burgers and Bones!

They offer quality meat dishes that will leave your mouth watering.

This is one of the best restaurants in Marietta for good reason!

This restaurant has a fairly small menu.

That is further evidence that they choose quality over quantity! 

If you like cheese, meat, and potatoes, you’ll like everything they cook.

Choose from seafood, steaks, burgers, or even a salad.

And you might want to share an appetizer with your friends.

The bar has over 40 whiskeys that are featured in their hand-crafted cocktails.

Or just enjoy the atmosphere as it is perfect for sipping a classic bourbon or a glass of wine.

4. The Marietta Local

Photo credit: Marietta Local Facebook page

With over 1,000 positive reviews, Marietta Local is a popular place to grab some food.

Their specialty is iconic Southern food that Georgia is famous for!

If you’re visiting the South, you have to try some quintessential Southern grub!

You can get biscuits, fried chicken specialties, and grits.

Or you can opt for some classic comfort food.

You can’t go wrong with meatloaf or breakfast potatoes!

The simple menu may be small, but it’s packed with big flavors.

Try chicken and french toast or Nashville hot chicken.

The delicious options will truly impress your taste buds. This truly is one of Marietta’s best restaurants.

5. Spring Restaurant

Photo credit: Spring Facebook page

If you’d like to visit a slightly more upscale restaurant in Marietta, you should check out the Spring Restaurant.

You’ll have to make reservations ahead of time because the dining room fills up quickly!

The kitchen staff is willing to accommodate any dietary needs so anyone will be able to comfortably eat here.

With only a few menu items, the chef is determined that guests will absolutely love anything they order.

The best way to describe the cuisine here is “a unique culinary experience.” You will find that your options will be one-of-a-kind.

6. West Cobb Diner

Photo credit: West Cobb Diner Facebook page

West Cobb Diner is the place to go for classic Southern comfort food.

However, most of their recipes have a fun twist on the classics! 

Start your meal with fried green tomatoes or okra.

Order meatloaf or country-fried steak as an entree.

Unless you’d rather mix things up a bit and get a pimento burger or almond-crusted trout. 

Of course, they have classic side dishes.

You can get black-eyed peas, corn casserole, or collard greens.

But save room for dessert! Their homemade cakes are delicious!

Whether you prefer quintessential Southern food or prefer modern takes on classic dishes, you can’t go wrong at the West Cobb Diner!

7. The Red Eyed Mule

Photo credit: Red Eyed Mule Facebook page

If “biscuits and burgers” sound good to you, then you should visit the Red Eyed Mule when visiting Marietta!

This restaurant is essentially a fast food joint, but local. 

They serve breakfast food and close at 2 every afternoon.

So get there while the getting’s good!

While their menu is mostly breakfast food, they do have a lot of delicious burgers to choose from at lunchtime.

And even their breakfast foods are so savory that it will feel like you’re eating a hearty dinner.

They use fresh ingredients and focus on quality.

They even mix up the menu occasionally to ensure that nobody ever gets bored of their food!

8. Mezza Luna Pasta & Seafood

Photo credit: Mezza Luna Facebook page

With chefs who have had cooking experience in Italy, Mezza Luna provides delicious Italian food.

This pasta and seafood restaurant has some authentic flavors to best bring Italian cuisine to Marietta. 

Mezza Luna has a lot more to offer than just pasta and seafood.

Get soup, salad, paninis, or pizza.

If you’d rather order a meat dish, there are several to choose from.

You can also try some Italian-inspired appetizers and side dishes. 

If you think Italian pasta is a bit plain and not worth ordering out, you’ll change your mind after eating here!

Their food is anything but mediocre.

Save room for dessert because they have several classic options! 

9. Marietta Burger Bar

Photo credit: Marietta Burger Bar Facebook page

This women-owned bar is open late, making it perfect for a late-night burger.

From the outside, it looks like a typical dive bar.

But when you walk inside, you’ll be amazed!

With a classy interior and a full bar, the Marietta Burger Bar seems more like a nice restaurant than a burger joint.

But then you look at the menu and realize this is the perfect place to grab a burger or hot dog. 

Order your favorite “cookout” side, such as coleslaw or potato salad.

Or get onion rings or wings.

If you love a good milkshake, they’ve got that, too!

This is some of the best food in Marietta if you really want to satisfy your all-American cravings.

10. Modena Ristorante Vinoteca

Photo credit: Modena Ristorante Vinoteca Facebook page

The Modena Ristorante Vinoteca is the perfect spot for date night.

You and your partner will both look forward to another opportunity to eat there!

This Italian restaurant has a romantic atmosphere and is located in historic Marietta.

It’s open every evening, but you can get brunch on the weekends.

People rave about everything on their menu.

Just hearing the descriptions of their salads, pizzas, or pasta will make you drool.

If you want a dreamy evening filled with Italian wonder, you can get that right here in Marietta.

The food has authentic touches and will scratch your wanderlust itch until you get a chance to visit Europe!

11. L On North

Photo credit: L on North Facebook page

L On North is a pretty busy restaurant.

That might be annoying if you want to avoid crowds, but it’s a fantastic sign! Eat here to learn why it’s always full.

This restaurant is proud to be in Georgia.

They feature local drinks and ingredients and have a menu inspired by the region!

They make everything from scratch and have a variety of foods.

With tacos, soup, pizza, and seafood, there’s something for everyone!

Since the cooks make everything by hand with high-quality ingredients, you know you’re getting the best food they can offer.

It will quickly become a favorite restaurant for anyone who lives in the area.

12. Two Birds Taphouse

Photo credit: Two Birds Taphouse Facebook page

Perfect for dinner or drinks, Two Birds Taphouse is open late.

It’s the perfect place to stop at the end of the night when you’re not quite ready to go home!

With 32 beers on tap, a rotating cocktail selection, and boutique wines, everybody can find something to drink.

Set in a restored historic building, this bar has an atmosphere that welcomes everyone to relax with their favorite beverage.

While the taphouse is known for its wood-fired pizzas, they have a menu full of bar food.

Whether you want pretzels, wings, or burgers, you can count on eating some delicious grub.

13. Silla del Toro

Photo credit: Silla del Toro Facebook page

With traditional Spanish tapas, Silla del Toro is a trendy modern restaurant.

This award-winning restaurant is a favorite among locals!

The menu is full of delicious tapas and charcuterie options.

If you visit on a weekend, you can get brunch!

While they serve beer and wine, their sangria is quite popular.

You could even try a sangria flight. Otherwise, choose from one of their specialty cocktails.

Look at their website before planning your meal.

They sometimes have tastings, specials, and other fun happenings!

Plan dinner around one of these events for the ultimate experience!

14. Crooked Tree Cafe

Photo credit: Crooked Tree Cafe Facebook page

The Crooked Tree Cafe is a breakfast-all-day restaurant.

It has nearly a thousand positive reviews on Google and for good reason.

Not only can you order breakfast until it closes in the afternoon, but the breakfast dishes have hints of Southern BBQ!

It’s the best of both worlds.

And if you order a meal that includes jam or jelly, you can count on it being homemade and delicious.

They use local ingredients and have a vegan menu, making it a more sustainable option than some of the other best places to eat in Marietta.

15. Good Kitchen + Market

Photo credit: Good Kitchen + Market Facebook page

If you value a healthy diet, you’ll want to visit Good Kitchen + Market.

They highlight veggies in their dishes and ethically source their meat.

They skip refined sugar, canola oil, GMOs, and other controversial ingredients.

There are a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians.

They also have a kids’ menu and a dog menu! 

This restaurant serves breakfast all day in addition to their lunch foods.

While their specialty drinks are coffees and the like, they serve a little of everything.

Be sure to check out their local beer and natural wine selection.

16. R C’s Southern Cooking

R C’s Southern Cooking has an ever-changing menu.

While they have some tried and true dishes that they serve daily, they always have something special to offer. 

Their menu has a wide variety of meat dishes.

If you’re tired of the same old meats, you’ll be able to find something more unique at this restaurant!

And, of course, you can expect to eat some iconic Southern side dishes.

However, they add their own touch to all the traditional dishes.

Their homemade fresh food will feed your soul.

You’ll leave with full bellies and happy hearts!

17. Righteous Que

Photo credit: Righteous Que Facebook page

Righteous Que is a barbecue joint with a limited menu.

That means they go for quality over quantity! 

People love Righteous Que so much that the restaurant has won many awards.

Not only do they receive love from the community, but they also return love to the community.

Each month, the restaurant picks a different cause to donate a portion of its proceeds!

You can order a signature dish for yourself or get something from the family-style menu.

Everything is delicious and they try to make it as easy as possible for their guests to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

18. Frank’s Cajun and Soul Kitchen

If you enjoy Cajun and soul food, you’ll want to eat at Franks Cajun and Soul Kitchen.

They are constantly refining their menu to offer the best options in this cuisine category.

Hand-breaded fish, slow-smoked barbecue, and juicy wings are just a few of the yummiest options!

Frank’s is named for the father of the restaurant’s creator.

The team at this restaurant cooks food to honor this loved one.

And when love is the secret ingredient, you know the food will be amazing.

Fried food, Southern food, and Cajun food all come together on the menu at this delicious little Marietta restaurant.

19. Taqueria Tsunami

Photo credit: Taqueria Tsunami Facebook page

If you’re still not sure where to eat in Marietta, we have one more delicious option: Taqueria Tsunami.

This is perfect if you can’t decide between Mexican or Asian food.

Their Latin-Asian-inspired dishes will hit the spot!

Unlike any restaurant you’ve visited before, this restaurant combines two popular cuisines into dishes that will impress anyone.

Poke tacos, Asian nachos, and Korean tacos are just a few examples of their fusion dishes.

If you can’t decide between tacos or Asia-inspired noodles, this is the place for you!

Spoil your taste buds with the best of both worlds at this unique eatery.

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