Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Tips (2024)

Every holiday season, there’s one Disney World Christmas celebration that I look forward to above all else.

No, it’s not Christmas at Magic Kingdom or Christmas at Hollywood Studios or Christmas at Epcot or Christmas at Animal Kingdom or Christmas at the Grand Floridian, but the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail!

This gorgeous display of trees and decorations featuring your favorite Disney characters is a real hit down in the Disney Springs area, and it’s completely free to check out.

This guide to the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail is not to spoil it for you, because it needs to be seen in person to be truly admired, but to give you an idea of what’s in store for you and to recommend it as one of the best things to do in Disney Springs at the holidays.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail sign

Everyone put on your adorable Disney Christmas shirts and let’s get going.

Where is the Disney World Christmas Tree Trail?

The Disney Christmas Tree Trail is in Disney Springs, and these days it takes place throughout Disney Springs (these photos show it in one concentrated location).

A Holiday Gift Hunt badge button from Disney Springs Christmas Tree walk

When is the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Up?

You can view the Disney Springs Christmas tree trail usually from November to January, though specific dates will vary year to year.

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail sign

How Much Does the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Cost?

Unlike much of Walt Disney World, the Christmas Tree Trail is one of the free things at Walt Disney World!

Seriously, it costs nothing.

Disney characters as snowmen statues

Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail Walkthrough

These days, you can get the Christmas Tree Trail booklet from Guest Services.

This is a scavenger hunt across Disney Springs that includes the Christmas Tree Trail.

If you complete it, you usually get a free button or other small trinket.

For the 25 days of Christmas, there are 25 differently themed trees.

There’s everything from Toy Story to the Haunted Mansion to Frozen to The Lion King to Aladdin to one dedicated to the theme parks complete with a monorail wrapping around it.

Lion King Christmas tree with Lion King decorations
Haunted Mansion Christmas tree with a ghost bride protruding from the tree

As you go around, there will be signs telling you what each tree is, as well as super cool artistic signs that go along with the theming of the trees.

A snack shop and Princess and the Frog Christmas tree
Elforium shop with Fantasia themed Christmas tree next to it and fake snow falling
Posters for Retta's Dressmakers and Second Star to the Right Travel Agency in the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

How long it takes you to find them all is completely dependent by family.

A Snow White Christmas tree decorated with Snow White decorations
A Dumbo Christmas tree with many Dumbo decorations

Once you find them all, you can turn your booklet in for a small token or gift.

Overall, the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail is a nice tradition to start with your family and a fantastic free thing to do in Disney Springs.

It won’t take hours, but you can definitely kill some time here taking in all of the beautiful decorations and atmosphere.

Large toy soldier statues
A Mickey and Minnie themed Christmas tree
A Beauty and The Beast themed Christmas tree with fake snow falling
Mickey and Donald as snowmen singing from a Christmas carols book at the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

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