Festive Things to Do at the Grand Floridian at Christmas (2023)

Disney Gingerbread House - A gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

Ah, the Grand Floridian at Christmas.

This iconic Disney resort comes alive during the holidays and fully embraces its Victorian charm and endless ability to ooze festive cheer.

Trust me, it’s light-up Minnie ears like these everywhere.

I absolutely love visiting Grand Floridian at the holidays, whether for a meal at somewhere like the Grand Floridian Cafe or just to wander around the lobby – a great Disney World date idea!

I mean, no lie, I dream of strolling around in this Grand Floridian DVC shirt, even though I’m not a Disney Vacation Club member (what?! It’s manifestation or something!)

It’s completely free to stop by the resort at any time as a day guest.

You can arrive via the boat from the Magic Kingdom, the Monorail from the Magic Kingdom at Christmas, or a bus from another Disney park.

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The Disney Gingerbread House at the Grand Floridian

The main Christmas item on display at the Grand Floridian is pretty hard to miss.

In fact, this gingerbread house is the biggest and best gingerbread house built on Disney property each year, though they do others across the other Deluxe resorts.

Decorations at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

You can find the ingredients list next to the gingerbread house, but the gist is something like over 600 pounds of powdered sugar, 800 pounds of flour, and lots of hidden Mickeys sprinkled all over.

A Disney gingerbread house with people shopping at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

You can walk around the outside of the gingerbread house, or you can visit the gingerbread shop where you can buy gingerbread themed treats and even a gingerbread roof tile!

This tradition has been happening at the Grand Floridian at Christmas for over 20 years and it’s well-worth a visit.

The crowds can be particularly heavy between Christmas and New Year, but the gingerbread house usually comes up in November and comes down in January so you can still see it if you visit at the beginning or end of the holiday season.

Christmas Tree at the Grand Floridian

It would be hard to miss the biggest bit of festive cheer at the Grand Floridian, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree that towers high in the lobby.

In keeping with the Victorian theme of the resort, the decorations on this true are classic and elegant.

Flowers, birdcages, bows and the most gorgeous twinkling lights you’ve ever seen.

Close up of a Christmas tree at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

Disney pixie dust artists put so much energy into making this tree a true sight to behold, and you can spend quite awhile admiring the detail that make it come to life.

Other Deluxe resorts like Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge have Christmas trees, but the combination of the Grand Floridian Christmas Tree and the gingerbread house in the same lobby make it an instant winter wonderland.

Close up of a Christmas tree at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

Grand Floridian Christmas Decorations

A Santa Claus statue at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

In addition to the two main events, the entire Grand Floridian resort is decorated with lovely decorations, including figurines like this friendly Santa, and plenty of Christmas garland hung everywhere.

Two Christmas trees at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

Disney knows that the Grand Floridian is its flagship resort and arguably the best Disney Deluxe resort and best Disney honeymoon resort for many, and it’s super easy to transform it into a Christmas fairytale, as the theme lends itself naturally to gorgeous decorations.

I would highly recommend you wander the halls and walk up the stairs to view the Christmas decorations at the Grand Floridian from multiple levels, as you can’t even see the top of the Christmas tree that well from below!

A large Christmas tree in the middle of the hotel at the Grand Floridian Disney World resort at Christmas

Have you been to the Grand Floridian at Christmas? I’d love to hear your holiday stories about this resort!

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