17 Fantastic Things to Do Alone In San Antonio, Texas

Whenever we think about Texas, our mind wanders directly to the barbecue and the vast amounts of land, but truth be told, Texas has even more to offer! 

San Antonio is a beautiful city in Texas and one of the largest in the United States of America.

The city is filled with mesquite, cacti, and forested land and is dotted with oak trees here and there. 

If you are planning to travel alone to San Antonio and do not know how to make the most of your trip, do not worry because we are listing down some fantastic things you can do alone in San Antonio to make your experience a memorable one. 

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How to Get Around San Antonio

Like most of Texas, one of the best ways to get around is to explore on your own by car!

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1. Visit the San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio Botanical Garden
Photo credit: San Antonio Botanical Garden

One of the most relaxing places to visit in the city is the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

The garden is filled with beautiful and interesting species of plants and flowers.

If you are a nature lover, then this is one of the places you must visit while you are here in San Antonio.

The garden has several different gardens within, and there is something to admire in every single one of them.

You will come across gardens with carnivorous plants as well as tropical fruits, making your visit here more fascinating.

2. Explore the Spanish Mansion – The Alamo

Spanish Mansion - The Alamo
Photo credit: Alamo Facebook page

San Antonio is home to the former Spanish mansion, the Alamo.

Spanish mansions were mainly built here to promote Christianity among the locals.

Today, this particular Spanish mansion serves as a museum.

You can explore the museum by opting for a guided tour with an expert.

The group tour will also help you interact with other people while you are in San Antonio.

3. See the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

 San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
Photo credit: San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Facebook page

If you are a history lover, this historical park should be on your bucket list.

The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The park has four Spanish outposts which serve the same purpose as the mansions that are promoting the religion of Christianity.

You can tour the park with a national park ranger who will guide you throughout while telling you about the history of the place and the city.

The park also hosts several talks, which you can attend when you visit this place.

4. Visit the Museum of Art

Photo credit: San Antonio Museum of Art Facebook page

San Antonio Museum of Art holds the largest collection of artwork in the city.

The museum is home to artwork from all across the globe and has a lot of artifacts that are more than 5000 years old.

The museum hosts several events to help its visitors learn more about the history and the stories of the artwork.

The events are not restricted to one particular theme but, in fact, are very diverse.

You can also participate in various talks hosted by the Museum of Arts.

5. Participate in the walking tour of San Antonio

Photo credit: Amigo Walking Tours Facebook page

One of the best ways to explore the wonderful city of San Antonio by yourself is to take part in a walking tour of the city.

The free walking tours are organized by the company called Amigo Walking Tours in the city center.

The tour helps you explore all the historical places in San Antonio and can learn more about the city’s culture and traditions.

The tour is normally done in groups which gives you a great opportunity to make new friends in a new city.

If you are interested in this walking tour, you will have to reserve a slot for yourself beforehand. 

6. Tour the Natural Bridge Caverns

Photo credit: Natural Bridge Caverns Facebook page

One of the most stunning landmarks you will find in the USA is the natural bridge caverns which are located in San Antonio.

The caverns are located near the city, and you can opt for a tour to explore them even more.

You will come across stunning rock formations, and the entire place gives off a very Instagrammable vibe, allowing you to take pictures worthy of a postcard.

The tour of the caverns takes about an hour.

7. Enjoy kayaking on the riverbank

Photo credit: Mission Adventure Tours Facebook page

San Antonio can provide you with a sense of adventure, too; the city is not only for history lovers.

Mission Adventure Tours offers the chance to enjoy kayaking on the riverbank of the city.

You can rent a kayak and enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the river bank.

If you have not done kayaking before and do not know how to do it properly, you can always team up with someone to make the most of it. 

8. Hike your way through San Antonio

A group called San Antonio Beginners Hiking Group organizes a group hike for all solo travelers.

This is one way to interact with the locals and explore the city while making the most of the nature surrounding the city of San Antonio.

The main concept of this group is to promote physical fitness and socializing together.

Everyone is allowed to participate in the hike as this group is not strictly restricted to advanced hikers. 

9.  Go for a Run in the Pearsall Park

Pearsall Park is one of the largest parks in the city.

If you are one of those people who love staying active even during a trip, then this is an ideal location for you to have a quick run.

The park has several running and jogging tracks as well as an outdoor fitness station.

You can make the most out of your workout session while enjoying the serene nature to the fullest. 

10. Participate in an Escape Room Game

If you love thrillers and solving riddles, an escape room experience is a must while you are in San Antonio.

You can participate in this game with a bunch of other people.

To succeed, you need to solve several riddles and challenges with your group members.

Extreme Escape offers the best escape room games in the city.

They have eight escape rooms with different themes allowing you to beat each challenge. 

11. Play poker in San Antonio

If playing poker is your hobby and you know you are a great player, you must visit the SA Card House, San Antonio, to make the most of your skills.

The SA Card House is open seven days a week, and you can go whenever you feel like taking a risk.

The place is located a bit outside the main city towards the north.

The Card House also lets you participate in various tournaments, which is something extremely exciting to do in San Antonio.

12. Play volleyball

San Antonio Sand Volleyball Meetup is famous for organizing numerous volleyball events on Sundays.

This activity is for all sports lovers, and the events are open for everyone to participate in.

It does not matter if you are a pro player at volleyball or have just started playing it; these volleyball events are the most fun.

The events usually happen in the city or areas surrounding it.

13. Enjoy the Japanese Tea Garden

Image: 20121018-IMG_8692. Kelly Verdeck. [CC BY-ND 2.0], via Flickr

San Antonio has a Japanese tea garden which you can visit whenever you want to relax.

The tea garden is the epitome of serenity and is filled with beautiful flowers and trees, which are truly a sight to see.

The garden has several walking pathways which allow you to take a relaxing stroll while being mesmerized by the views.

14. Enjoy a boat cruise

Image: Riverwalk cruise. Shiva Shenoy. [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

San Antonio offers its visitors a 40-minute riverboat cruise on the San Antonio River Walk.

This place should be a part of your bucket list because it is a stunning place to explore.

While being on the cruise, you will get to learn a lot about the city and what it has to offer to its tourists.

For solo travelers looking to socialize, a cruise tour is a good option to interact with people of similar interests and tastes.

And if you start to get an appetite, check out some of the best restaurants in San Antonio.

15. Make the most of the hop-on hop-off bus tour

Photo credit: City Sightseeing San Antonio Facebook page

The hop-on and hop-off bus tour offered by San Antonio is one of the opportunities to soak up everything the city has to offer while not using a lot of your time.

This activity is best for those who are visiting the city on short notice.

You have the option to choose the tickets depending on how much time you can dedicate to this tour.

The tickets are for either spread over for a few days or a day.

The bus takes you to all the popular sites located in the city.

16. Visit the San Antonio Zoo

Photo credit: San Antonio Zoo Facebook page

You can visit the San Antonio Zoo and witness the animals in their best exhibits and habitats.

The zoo has the world’s largest collection of birds, and the exhibits are breathtaking to look at.

There is an exhibit which is built for the cranes on the natural waterway.

The Amazonia Exhibit is a perfect emulation of the Amazon rainforest. 

17. Enjoy the indoor sky-diving

Photo credit: San Antonio iFly Facebook page

The indoor sky-diving experience is for all the people who enjoy an adrenaline rush.

Indoor sky-diving is a wonderful activity for those who want to enjoy sky-diving without taking a risk.

When you book a ticket for this fun activity, it comes with a licensed instructor who provides one-on-one training and two free fall dives to make you comfortable with the equipment and protocol. 

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