25+ Songs about Hawaii to Inspire Your Wanderlust

From country songs about Hawaii to Hawaii state songs to folk songs about Hawaii, there is so much music about this gorgeous state that it’s hard to pick favorites!

In this list of Hawaii songs, we’ll talk about songs that are specifically about Hawaii (recommended guidebook here in case you need to do more research), as well as songs that mention Hawaii in the lyrics or title.

There are also plenty of songs about Hawaii on this playlist that don’t mention Hawaii specifically, but are about characters, stories or ideas that originated from this tropical paradise.

Enjoy this listening experience and feel the sun on your skin already!

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1. Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley

2. Honolulu City Lights

3. Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho

4. Hawaiian Wedding Song

5. Pua ‘Āhihi

6. To You Sweetheart Aloha

7. Guava Jelly

8. Over the Rainbow

9. Island Style by John Cruz

10. Pearly Shells by Don Ho

11. Shave Ice by Loyal Gardner

12. Kokomo by The Beach Boys

13. Kona Red

14. Home in the Island

15. Waikiki by Andy Cummings

16. Akaka Falls

17. Hawai‘i Pōno‘i

18. Pua Hone

19. Mr. Sun Cho Lee

20. Hawai‘i ’78

21. Maunaleo

22. My Little Grass Shack

23. He Mele No Lilo

24. Escape by Side Salad

25. Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson

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