15+ Songs about South Dakota (Iconic)

Ah, songs about South Dakota!

They’re perfect for a South Dakota road trip, or for using as part of a presentation about the state or to get yourself hyped up to move there.

Most are country songs and folk songs about South Dakota, because, duh, it’s the American West!

But there are also songs like the South Dakota state song included, as well as South Dakota songs that mention South Dakota in the lyrics.

If you’re visiting South Dakota, check out this guidebook we recommend for its off-the-beaten path information.

If you already love South Dakota, this absolutely gorgeous South Dakota art print is worth checking out, as well as these rustic South Dakota farmhouse signs.

Enjoy this South Dakota playlist and have fun feeling nostalgic about life in South Dakota if you’re from the Mount Rushmore State.

1. Hail, South Dakota

2. Fire by Autumn Hill

3. Lipstick by Kit Moore

4. What I Call Home by Colt Ford

5. Everything by Eve 6

6. I Gotta Gal I Love (in North and South Dakota) by Frank Sinatra

7. South Dakota Morning by the BeeGees

8. I Am by Kid Rock

9. Big Foot by Johnny Cash

10. Deadwood, South Dakota by Nanci Griffith

11. South Dakota Nights by Hudson Falcons

12. Ballad of Hollis Brown by Bob Dylan

13. Rapid City, SD by Dwight Yoakam

14. Stays in Mexico by Toby Keith

15. 8th of November by Big and Rich

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