12+ Iconic Songs about Maine

From Maine’s state song to songs about Maine by famous and indie musicians alike, these are the best Maine songs for your event, party, or as a soundtrack to your presentation on the Pine Tree State.

Some are specifically about Maine, while others are called “Maine” but may not have an immediate connection to the state until you listen to the lyrics, and others are songs set in Maine.

Some, too, are songs that mention Maine in their lyrics, even though the song may be about something else!

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1. State of Maine

2. The Stein Song

3. The Reach by Dan Fogelberg

4. King of the Road

5. Portland, Maine by Donovan Woods

6. Christmas in Maine

7. So You Think You Know Maine by the Wicked Good Band

8. Long Time Sunshine by Weezer

9. Tombstone Every Mile by Dick Curless

10. Portland Town by Schooner Fare

11. The Maine County Song

12. Nothing But Time by Jackson Browne

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