19+ Songs about Wyoming to Make You Nostalgic

These songs about Wyoming are some of the best Wyoming songs to make you smile, laugh, and even cry and feel nostalgic about this great state.

From songs that mention Wyoming in the lyrics to songs that are fully about love for Wyoming, this Wyoming playlist features the most iconic songs about the Cowboy State.

There are also songs that don’t specifically mention Wyoming, but are about characters and stories that take place here.

Whether you’re from Wyoming and wanting to feel like you’re back there or you’re gearing yourself up to move there, these rock, folk, pop, and country songs about Wyoming are the perfect soundtrack.

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1. Song of Wyoming by John Denver

2. Wyoming is for Lovers by The Patti Fiasco

3. Wyoming & Me by the Black Crowes

4. Ragtime Cowboy Joe

5. Wyoming State of Mind by The Snarlin Yarns

6. The Emperor of Wyoming by Neil Young

7. The Hills of Wyoming by Gene Autry

8. I Can Still Make Cheyenne by George Strait

9. Why, Oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming

10. The Beaches of Cheyenne by Garth Brooks

11. Wyoming Christmas Time by Saggy Bottom Boys

12. Neon by Chris Young

13. These Boots by Eric Church

14. Leaving Wyoming by Northcote

15. Wyoming Wind

16. What Happened in Wyoming by Enovi

17. My Sweet Wyoming Home by Bill Staines

18. Hoopoe of Wyoming by Nicos

19. Wyoming Portal by Summer in Siberia

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