19+ Songs about Louisiana to Make You Nostalgic

Check out these songs about Louisiana, including songs that mention Louisiana in the lyrics and title, as well as Louisiana songs that are about stories and characters who live in Louisiana even if it doesn’t mention the state specifically.

Enjoy this Louisiana playlist, whether you want to use it as a background to a presentation or you want to just make yourself feel nostalgic while driving along in the car.

There are country songs about Louisiana, pop songs about Louisiana, and so much more.

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Enjoy this Louisiana listening experience to help you get in the mood for visiting New Orleans and beyond.

1. Give Me Louisiana

2. You Are My Sunshine

3. Louisiana by Tim McGraw

4. Fire on the Bayou

5. Born on the Bayou

6. Iko Iko

7. Southern Nights by Glen Campbell

8. The House of the Rising Sun

9. Louisiana by 1927

10. Down at the Twist and Shout

11. Louisiana Rain by Tom Petty

12. Royal Orleans by Led Zepplin

13. Louisiana Saturday Night

14. Walking to New Orleans by Fats Domino

15. Jambalaya by Hank Williams

16. Callin’ Baton Rouge

17. Hurricane Party

18. Louisiana Man by Lucinda Williams

19. Queen of New Orleans by Jon Bon Jovi

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