20+ Songs about New Mexico to Make You Feel at Home

From New Mexico’s state song to songs about Idaho by famous and indie musicians alike, these are the best New Mexico songs for your event, party, or as a soundtrack to your presentation on the Land of Enchantment.

Some are specifically about New Mexico, while others are called “New Mexico” but may not have an immediate connection to the state until you listen to the lyrics, and others are songs set in New Mexico.

Some, too, are songs that mention New Mexico in their lyrics, even though the song may be about something else!

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1. O Fair New Mexico

2. Las Cruces

3. Taos, New Mexico

4. Santa Fe by Bob Dylan

5. Worst Comes to the Worst by Billy Joel

6. Albuquerque by Neil Young

7. New Mexico Rain by Bill and Bonnie Hearne

8. Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque by the Partridge Family

9. Feels Like Home (New Mexico Tune)

10. New Mexico Song by Johnny Hobo

11. New Mexico by Wake Self

12. New Mexico (Kind of Thing) by Billy Dawson

13. Albuquerque by Weird Al

14. Lights of Albuquerque by Jim Glaser

15. Long White Line by Sturgill Simpson

16. New Mexico’s No Breeze by Iron and Wine

17. Under the Blue Skies of New Mexico

18. New Mexico by Ron Frost

19. Sunset of Santa Fe

20. Golden Inn Song

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