21+ Songs about Minnesota to Get You Singing

These songs about Minnesota are a fantastic way to get nostalgic about the North Star State, or to get excited if you’re moving there!

Use these Minnesota songs as part of a presentation about the state, or use it as a Minnesota playlist for a road trip through the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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From country music about Minnesota to Minnesota’s state song to pop music about Minnesota, this is a complete guide to all of the best Minnesota songs for your listening pleasure.

1. The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

2. Say Shh by Atmosphere

3. Minnesota March by Mac Irv

4. Minnesota Girls by The Shackletons

5. Minnesota by Closure

6. Minnesota by Lil Yachty, Quavo, Skippa da Flippa

7. Super America by Bad Bad Hats

8. Uptown by Prince

9. You Can’t Always Get What You Want by Rolling Stones

10. Ghost by Indigo Girls

11. Minneapolis by Lucinda Williams

12. North Country by Rocket Club

13. Cold Like Minnesota by Yung Scrappy

14. Skyway by The Replacements

15. Welcome to Duluth by Moors & McCumber

16. Girl from the North Country by Bob Dylan

17. Big River by Johnny Cash

18. Escapade by Janet Jackson

19. Rock This Country by Shania Twain

20. Outshined by Soundgarden

21. Hail! Minnesota

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