13+ Songs about North Dakota

From North Dakota’s state song to songs about North Dakota by famous and indie musicians alike, these are the best North Dakota songs for your event, party, or as a soundtrack to your presentation on the Peace Garden State.

Some are specifically about North Dakota, while others are called “North Dakota” but may not have an immediate connection to the state until you listen to the lyrics, and others are songs set in North Dakota.

Some, too, are songs that mention North Dakota in their lyrics, even though the song may be about something else!

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1. “North Dakota” by Chris Knight

2. North Dakota Hymn

3. North Dakota by Tigirlily

4. North Dakota by Mako

5. You’ve Never Been to North Dakota by Brennen Leigh

6. Go North to Dakota

7. The North Dakota Cowboy by Brennen Leigh

8. Fargo, North Dakota (from Fargo)

9. North Dakota by Lyle Lovett

10. North Dakota by Hodera

11. My North Dakota Home by Lawrence Welk

12. Winds of North Dakota by Mike Piper

13. North Dakota Boy by Doc Walker

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