15+ Songs about Washington State to Touch Your Soul

These songs about Washington state include songs that mention Washington in the lyrics, songs whose stories and characters take place in Washington, and of course the Washington state song.

From rock music about Washington to pop music about Washington state, these Washington songs are the perfect addition to your playlist for the Evergreen State.

Enjoy these Washington State songs that make you feel nostalgic for a life that’s gone, or to feel inspired about your future in Washington.

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1. Washington, My Home

2. Roll On Columbia, Roll On

3. Washington State Fight Song

4. Seattle by Ethan Rowe

5. Washington State by Tybud

6. Black Ball Ferry Line by Bing Crosby

7. Dark Moon by Bonnie Guitar

8. Walk, Don’t Run by the Ventures

9. Hello Seattle by Owl City

10. Seattle by Perry Como

11. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes

12. Thrift Shop by Macklemore

13. My Oh My by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

14. Welcome to Seattle by Boom Bap Project

15. New Way Home by the Foo Fighters

15+ Songs about Washington State to Touch Your Soul via @allamericanatlas

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