19+ Songs about Vermont to Make You Smile

From Vermont’s state song to songs about Vermont by famous and indie musicians alike, these are the best Vermont songs for your event, party, or as a soundtrack to your presentation on the Green Mountain State.

Some are specifically about Vermont, while others are called “Vermont” but may not have an immediate connection to the state until you listen to the lyrics, and others are songs set in Vermont.

Some, too, are songs that mention Vermont in their lyrics, even though the song may be about something else!

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1. These Green Mountains

2. The Vermont Home Song

3. I’m From Vermont by Jonathan Mann

4. Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys

5. Taxi On Vermont by Old Canes

6. ‘Neath the Pines of Vermont

7. The Vermont Song by The Breakfast

8. Vermont Girl by Joan of Arc

9. Moonlight In Vermont by Frank Sinatra

10. Fear & Force by Vagabond

11. Hail, Vermont

12. Green Mountain State by Trevor Hall

13. Carolina by Ferdinand the Bull

14. Vermont by Dead Winter Carpenters

15. Just Give Me Moonlight In Vermont by Amy Allison

16. This is Vermont, My Home

17. Vermont by Chris Brenne

18. My Home is Vermont by Paul Webb

19. The Vermont Waltz by Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen

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