25+ Songs about Utah to Make You Grin

These songs about Utah will make you smile, laugh, cry, and feel nostalgic for this amazing state.

From Utah songs written by Utah natives to songs that mention Utah in the lyrics, these songs make for the perfect Beehive State playlist.

There are Utah rock songs, Utah folk songs, and even the Utah state song to get you fired up.

Some of the songs don’t explicitly mention Utah, but rest assured that the stories and characters are taking place in Utah or they are singing about their experiences in the state.


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1. Salt Lake City by Bob Weir

2. Friend of the Devil by the Grateful Dead

3. Utah Tribute by Chris Ledoux

4. Salt Lake City by the Beach Boys

5. Ballad for a Friend by Bob Dylan

6. The Ballad of Billy the Kid by Billy Joel

7. Utah Carol by Marty Robbins

8. Salt Lake City by The Dwarves

9. The Great Salt Lake by Band of Horses

10. Utah, This is the Place

11. I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City by Johnny Mercer

12. Utah State Song by Sam and Gary Francis

13. The Promised Land by Bruce Springsteen

14. Don’t Get so Down on Yourself by Chris Isaak

15. Palace of the Brine by Pixies

16. The Red Hills of Utah by Marty Robbins

17. Suffer in Peace by Tyler Farr

18. Utah by the Osmonds

19. The Beehive State by Randy Newman

20. My Elusive Dreams by David Houston and Tammy Wynette

21. Enola Gay by Utah Phillips

22. The History of Utah by Camper Van Beethoven

23. Utah Gateway to Nevada by Plague of Locusts

24. I’ve Been Everywhere by Hank Snow

25. I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City by Julie London

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