51 Fun Facts about Missouri (that most people don’t know!)

Whether you want some Missouri fun facts to use for a project or you want to impress people with your knowledge of the Show Me State, we’ve put together some facts about Missouri that cover everything from weird laws to natural wonder to strange history.

Missouri has plenty of history, natural views, and beautiful small towns, and these interesting facts about Missouri are a real tribute to all of the fun Missouri facts to be found (we could have kept going, but kept it to the 51 best ones!).

Keep reading for weird facts about Missouri, amazing facts about Missouri, cool facts about Missouri, and plenty of fun Missouri facts to keep you guessing (or help you put together an awesome Missouri trivia quiz!)

Missouri Fun Facts

1. The state of Missouri was named after a tribe of Sioux Indians of the state called the “Missouris.”

2. Missouri was once an important hub for commerce in early America.

3. The “Show Me State” nickname came from Missouri Congressman Vandiver’s speech that stated, “For thy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.”

4. Missouri became a state on August 10, 1821.

5. “Missouri Day” is the third Wednesday in October.

Branson Missouri

6. Charleston holds the Dogwood-Azalea Festival annually on the 3rd weekend of April.

7. Missouri was the 24th state to join the Union.

8. The University of Missouri is the first college in the world to grant a journalism degree.

9. Harry S. Truman was the only president of the United States born in Missouri.

10. Big Springs, Missouri is considered one of the largest springs in the country and the world.

Missouri map

Interesting Facts about Missouri

11. In 1911, a lightning strike on the Missouri State Capitol caused a fire that destroyed the building.

12. Kansas City, Missouri has more fountains than any city in the world (except Rome).

13. Jefferson City is the capital of Missouri.

14. The Taum Sauk Mountain is considered the highest natural point in Missouri.

Kansas City

15. On “Sucker Day” in Nixa, Missouri, schools close officially to celebrate the bottom feeding fish.

16. Missouri has the largest beer producing plant in the country.

17. Missouri is one of 12 states that make up the Midwest.

18. Kansas City and St. Louis are home to more than half of the state’s population.

19. There are six national parks in Missouri.

Missouri farmland

20. In 1912, the first successful parachute jump from a plane was made at Jefferson Barracks.

Weird Facts about Missouri

21. In 1811, the most powerful earthquake to strike the United States occurred in New Madrid.

22. The word “Missouri” often has been said to mean “muddy water” but it actually means “town of the large canoes”!

23. Warsaw holds the state record for the lowest temperature of -40 degrees on February 13, 1905.

Missouri kayaking

24. Richland is home to the country’s only cave restaurant.

25. Saint Louis University is the oldest university west of the Mississippi and dates back to 1832.

26. Jesse James was shot and killed by Bob Ford in St. Joseph, Missouri in 1882.

27. Missouri state dinosaur is the Hypsibema missouriensis.

St. Louis Missouri

28. There are only there only six area codes in Missouri.

29. In Missouri, you need a permit if you want to shave while driving.

30. In University City, Missouri it’s illegal to honk another’s horn.

Random Facts about Missouri

31. Before Harry S. Truman went into politics, he owned a Kansas City haberdashery.

32. The first European to set foot in Missouri was Spanish conquistador, Hernando de Soto.

Missouri flag

33. Missouri’s oldest community, Saint Genevieve, was founded as early as 1735.

34. May 8th is Truman Day in Missouri, which was designated to honor Harry S. Truman.

35. Kansas City has a population of over 510,000 people.

36. The “Pony Express” existed between April 1860-October 1861 and was linked by Placerville.

Kansas City

37. “Salus populi suprema lex esto” is the state motto and in latin translates to, “the safety of the people should be the supreme law.”

38. The state dance is the square dance.

39. French fur traders settled in St Louis in 1764.

40. The lower Mississippi River and the Missouri River form the world’s 4th longest river system in the world.

Amazing Facts about Missouri

41. Missouri is home to four Nobel prize winners.

Map of Missouri

42. St. Louis hosted the first Olympic games held in the US in the summer of 1904.

43. Missouri is also commonly called “the Mother of the West.”

44. The first newspaper in Missouri was created in 1808 and called the “Missouri Gazette.”

45. In 1904 St. Louis was the location of the World’s Fair.

Jefferson City

46. Missouri is home to more than 6,000 caves.

47. The “Missouri Waltz” is the official state song.

48. The state bird is the bluebird.

49. Missouri City has a population of only 220 people.

University of Missouri

50. Missouri is home to almost 10,000 farms.

51. The state amphibian is the bullfrog.

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