25+ Best Hollywood Studios Shirts for Disney Fans

Whether you’re looking for adorable Hollywood Studios shirts to wear to the theme park or you just want to rep your love for this iconic Disney park wherever you go, this is the best guide to Hollywood Studio T-shirts and funny Hollywood Studios shirts.

Before picking out what to wear to Disney World, you should know that adults are not allowed to dress up in costume (children are), but anyone can wear a themed Disney shirt – it’s part of the fun!

If you’re not usually the kind of person to seek out Hollywood Studios shirts, there are plenty of more subtle options, or you can get crazy with some in-your-face options.

Pair it with some Disney themed shoes and you’ll be all set as you Rock N Rollercoaster your way through Galaxy’s Edge and catch up with Woody and the gang in Toy Story Land.

Enjoy this list of the best Hollywood Studios shirts!

Best Hollywood Studios Shirts

1. I Still Call it MGM Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

For the old school Disney fans, when Hollywood Studios used to be called MGM, this is a funny shirt to show that you’re a true fanatic.

Plenty of people still refer to this park as MGM, and you’ll definitely find your kin as you walk around the park and people agree with you!

2. Rock N Rollercoaster Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

If you’re a Rock N Rollercoaster fan, this shirt is a great way to keep that love with you all year round and let everyone know which ride you’re going to be running to at rope drop.

This is a great option if you don’t want your shirt to actually say Hollywood Studios, as you can wear this out and about anywhere you go to keep that Disney magic going strong wherever you are.

3. Sorcerer’s Hat Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

If you’re an old school Disney fan, you know all about the Sorcerer’s hat, which used to be the main symbol of the park.

Today, you can rock this shirt with the Sorcerer’s hat for some nostalgia in your fashion.

4. Hollywood Studios Colorful Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

These are the cutest Hollywood Studios shirts if you’re wanting something a bit more colorful and unique.

The pastel colors combined with the beautiful cursive font will make you feel like you’re the glammest one walking down the Hollywood Studios Boulevard.

Tower of Terror Shirts

5. Tower of Terror 1994 Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This is a cute Tower of Terror shirt for fans of this iconic ride.

Choose from a few different colors, all with the same print option that shouts out the year the ride was opened and puts the Tower of Terror sketch front and center.

6. Tower Hotel Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This Tower Hotel shirt is super cute and fans of the ride will love wearing this Hollywood Studios shirt around the theme park.

It’s got the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo, as well as a fun “drop in’s welcome” saying.

Toy Story Shirts

7. Space Rangers Shirts

hollywood studios shirt

Channel your inner Buzz in these Space Rangers shirts that make for a great option to wear through Toy Story Land.

Look out for Buzz Lightyear walking around, as he may just give you some extra attention!

8. Toy Story Characters at Disney Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

It’s time to get meta with this Disney characters enjoying Disney shirt.

The fun colors are a bright way to celebrate your trip to Hollywood Studios and everyone will love the joyful faces on the characters riding around in a tea cup and holding Mickey balloons (and check out that churro!).

9. I’m a Nervous Rex Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This adorable play-on-words Disney shirt featuring Rex is a great way to have some fun in Toy Story Land.

10. Daaaaaaaaaaaad Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

Everyone knows how the Toy Story aliens sound, and on this shirt, they’re proclaiming that you’re the “Daaaaaaaaad!”

Get this for your dad to wear around the parks to let everyone know how much you love your kids (so much that you’re willing to wear a Daaaaaaaaaaaaaad shirt!).

11. You’ve Got a Friend in Me Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

“You’ve got a Friend in Me” is one of the most classic Toy Story lines, and this lovely Toy Story shirt is a great way to bring this into your day at the parks.

12. Zero Forks Given Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

Using iconic Toy Story 4 character Forky, we all know what “No Forks Given” is really trying to say, but you can say it in a family-friendly way with this shirt!

Star Wars Shirts

13. Pretty Fly for a JEDI shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This Pretty Fly for a JEDI Shirt is one of the best Star Wars shirts for anyone who loves rhyming plays on words and Star Wars.

Rock this all the way through Galaxy’s Edge and you’ll be feeling like a true JEDI.

14. Support the Troops shirt

hollywood studios shirt

We love this Stormtroopers themed “support the troops” shirt for its punniness and the gorgeous colors and fun design.

15. Chewbacca Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

If you want to rep your favorite Star wars character, don this Chewbacca shirt and hopefully you’ll spot him in Galaxy’s Edge!

16. Squad Goals Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

Groups of friends will love this Star wars Squad goals shirt that bring your favorite characters together on a shirt all Gen Z’ers will love.

17. Sass is Strong with This One Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

Girls love this Star Wars shirt that shows off your sassiness while also getting across that you’re a huge Star Wars fan.

18. This is the Way (To the Castle) Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

Baby Yoda carries a Mickey balloon in this amazing Disney shirt that’s perfect for Hollywood studios.

19. I am Their Father

hollywood studios shirt

For all the Star Wars loving Dads out there, this is the best Disney shirt ever.

20. Baby Yoda with a Mickey Balloon

hollywood studios shirt

Baby Yoda fans will love this funny shirt to show your Disney and Star Wars fandom.

21. R2D2 with Mickey Ears Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This is the best Star Wars shirt for Disney World for any R2D2 fans.

Hollywood Studios Shirts for Families

22. JEDI Master and Young Padawan Shirts

hollywood studios shirt

These matching Star Wars shirts are so fun for parents and kids who share the Star Wars love.

23. Dadalorian and Momalorian Shirts

hollywood studios shirt

Star Wars loving families will enjoy these “Dadalorian and Momalorian” shirts that make any family feel like they’re living out their Star Wars dreams.

24. Star Wars Mickey Shirts

hollywood studios shirt

These adorable matching Star Wars Mickey shirts are great for the family who love Mickey just as much as they love Star Wars.

Couples Shirts for Hollywood Studios

25. Infinity and Beyond Couples Shirt

hollywood studios shirt

This adorable Toy Story couples shirt combo is a fun way to bring one of Buzz Lightyear’s most popular sayings to life and show that you finish each other’s sentences.

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